Since its founding in Toronto ( Canada ), strategic work and company value has made D.I.S. a company of high value and repute to its esteemed clientele around the world. Our policy is to provide high quality and a superior standard of service to our customers. Our unwavering commitment that has made us the success we are today has been and will always be to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers.

D.I.S. is a valuable supplier to strengthen your supply chain. Reliable quality products, stable supply, efficient and easy service along with competitive prices are the core essentials of our corporate strategy. The continuous improvement of our services is to keep up with our customer's needs is of high importance to us.

Our ambitious vision has pushed us to implement our operating centre in Shanghai , China since 1999. This location brings to the company a big advantage to hub all its supply needs.

By implementing its operation centre in shanghai D.I.S. has placed itself at the very “source” to handle and supervise production, packing, quality control, deliveries, logistics documents and every other detail from start to finish of the supply chain. It lays the ground for a thorough follow up and complete control.

Positioning ourselves as a focused professional enterprise, we provide our clients flexible and customized service. D.I.S. adds value to the service it provides its customers by not just assisting with technical support but also by providing other comfortable features such as personalized services available both offline and online

We work closely with our clients to understand all aspects of their procurement needs and process. What sets us apart from others in the same industry is that our assistance does not stop with when goods are shipped. Your preferences with product, packaging, deliveries and other specs are recorded and applied for future use as well.

Our team is what makes us and hence our most valuable asset. At DIS we strive to provide an environment where our people can excel and find opportunity to grow and develop their careers in our expanding organization. Our team of multi lingual professionals takes care of the excellent service that is a part and parcel of DIS value.
  North America Headquarters:
300-1370 Don Mills RD, Toronto ON M3B 3N7 Canada
2606 Shartex plaza, No 88 Zunyi Nan Rd Changning district 200336 Shanghai China
North Africa:
Imm.Galerie du Lac, Bloc B- N5, Rue du Lac Constance, 1053 Les Berges du Lac Tunisia.
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